Keynote Speakers

Herman Edwards | NECA EMERGE Conference 2024

Herman Edwards


Herm Edwards is currently an ESPN football analyst, where the former NFL and college head coach appears across a variety of shows, including Sports

Julia Pollak | NECA EMERGE Conference

Julia Pollak


Julia Pollak is the chief economist for ZipRecruiter who is moving the needle behind the scenes with forward-looking, integrated approaches to econ

Paul Zikopoulos | NECA EMERGE Conference

Paul Zikopoulos

Paul is an award-winning tech thought leader and writer who has shared his expertise on AI and big data on the popular TV show, 60 Minutes, as well

Tim Tebow | NECA EMERGE Conference 2024

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow is a two-time national champion, Football Hall of Fame Inductee, Heisman Trophy winner, first-round NFL draft pick, and a former professi

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Aaron Kenny Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Aaron Kenny


With a decade of experience in sales, business development, and leadership roles, Aaron is a seasoned professional driving strategic partnerships a

Adam Davis Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Adam Davis

Miller Electric

Adam S. Davis is the Virtual Design & Construction Project Manager at Miller Electric Company and has been involved in Construction Design &

Alex Kablanian Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Alex Kablanian


Alex is GM of Commercial & Construction and has been at ServiceTitan for 4 years. Before ServiceTitan, Alex worked at Apple serving on the Fina

Amanda Harbison photo

Amanda Harbison

ELECTRI International
Amanda is the Director of Research at ELECTRI International, specializing in survey design, data analysis, and research for the foundation. With a bac
Amir Sekhavat Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Amir Sekhavat

Superior Essex

Amir Sekhavat is the Senior Director of Product Management and Partnerships for Superior Essex Communications. He has more than 20 years of industr

EMERGE Speaker 2024

Amy Peterson

U.S. Department of Energy
Anthony Moore Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Anthony Moore

Fuller Electric

Anthony Moore is a seasoned electrical professional whose journey began as an electrician in 2004. After joining Fuller Electric in 2008, Anthony s

Ben Wilson Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Ben Wilson

Decker Electric

Ben is the Executive Director of Business Development for Decker Electric out of Wichita, KS. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Finance from Wichita

Bernie Kotlier Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Bernie Kotlier


Bernie Kotlier is the executive director of the NECA-IBEW Labor Management Cooperation Committee of California. He directs business development, ad

Bill Vaughn Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Bill Vaughn

Mark One Electric

Bill Vaughn, Director of Service at Mark One Electric Co. Inc., is a licensed master electrician with a career that spans over three decades of han

Bob Dagostino Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Bob Dagostino

Dagostino Electronic Services

Bob Dagostino is the founder and president of Dagostino Electronic Services (DES). With a lifelong passion for connectivity, Bob has steered DES si

Bob Eaton Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Bob Eaton

Day and Night Solar

Bob is currently part of a small global team that has set out to address the ever-growing and widening shortage of power and developing 100% self-p

Bobby Falzone Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Bobby Falzone

Lynwell Associates

Bobby Falzone is an accomplished Project Executive with over two decades of experience in the electrical construction industry. A Master Electricia

Bobby Magee Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Bobby Magee

Sabino Electric

Bobby Magee has been an electrician since 1984, entering the service industry in 1989. He assumed the role of general manager in 2006.

Brad Keatley Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Brad Keatley

O'Connell Electric

Brad Keatley has over 30 years of experience in the electrical industry, spanning from his beginnings as a Journeyman Wireman to his tenure as Divi

Brian Ensign Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Brian Ensign

Superior Essex Communications

Brian Ensign is VP of Marketing for Superior Essex Communications. He has over three decades of experience in the ICT and market development indust

Brian Morales Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Brian Morales


Brian Morales is a business owner, author and a high school girls' flag football coach. He has been in the electrical industry for over 20 years an

Carson Rogers Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Carson Rogers

Chewning & Wilmer, Inc.

Carson Rogers brings 43 years of industry experience to his role at Chewning & Wilmer, Inc. As an IBEW Member and an Apprenticeship Graduate, h

Chad Turner Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Chad Turner

Turner Electrical Services LLC

Chad is the President of Turner Electric and has 25 years in the industry, along with a Bachelor's of Science in Engineering Management from Miami

Chasen Tedder Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Chasen Tedder

Hampton Tedder Technical Services

Chasen Tedder is the Vice President of Utility Testing Services for Hampton Tedder Technical Services. He has held the positions of Electrical Engi

EMERGE Speaker 2024

Chris Harris

Chewning & Wilmer, Inc.

After graduating from the Richmond JATC Apprenticeship program, Harris began his career working at Northside Electric Company where he quickly beca

Chuck Fairchild Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Chuck Fairchild

Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc.

Chuck Fairchild is NECA’s first Vice President of Integrated Systems and represents the interests of low-voltage contractor and systems integrator

Cody Upham Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Cody Upham

Christenson Electric

Cody Upham is the Division Manager for the Renewable Energy division at Christenson Electric. Based in Portland, Oregon, Christenson has been worki

Collin Weiner Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Collin Weiner

CalEnergy Corporation

Mr. Collin Weiner, President of CalEnergy Corporation, is a distinguished leader and visionary at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and educ

Corey Noland Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Corey Noland


Corey has spent the last 36 years working in the electrical contracting business, mainly in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan. For the last 15

EMERGE Speaker 2024

Dan Maimonis

Dave Dressler Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Dave Dressler

MN Statewide Limited Energy JATC

Dave Dressler is the Training Director for the Minnesota Statewide Limited Energy JATC. Dave has been involved in the Limited Energy industry for

David Goodson Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

David Goodson

Leapley Construction

David Goodson is the Vice President of Leapley Construction, a market-leading commercial contractor serving the corporate interior, healthcare, hig

Dave O'Brien Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

David O'Brien

Mosley Glick O'Brien, Inc.

Dave O’Brien is a CPA with over 40 years of experience and is widely respected and considered an expert in the area of accounting practices of the

David Robinson Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

David Robinson


David Robinson is the President of the PoE Consortium and the Director of Automation at Mecho with over 30 years of experience and is responsible f

Erik Odden Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Erik Odden


Erik Odden has worked for GE, ABB, and Schneider Electric for approximately 20-years of his 22-year career. For the other 2-years, he worked for a

Farukh Aslam Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Farukh Aslam

Sinclair Digital

Farukh Aslam is the Chief Executive Officer of Sinclair Digital Services, Inc., a low-voltage design & consulting company developing Digital DC

Fred Sargent Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Fred Sargent

Great Service Forums

Fred Sargent has spent virtually all of his working years in the electrical contracting industry. He is former CEO of Pittsburgh-based Sargent Elec

Greg Hinders Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Greg Hinders


Greg Hinders joined the CommScope Team in 2012 as a Field Application Engineer for the Southwest.  He has more than 24 years of experience in the s

EMERGE Speaker 2024

Gregg Kaderabek

Freestate Electrical Companies
Harry Aller Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Harry Aller

Innovative Lighting

At Innovative Lighting, Harry pushes the boundaries of existing lighting systems toward groundbreaking objectives. Prior to working with PoE Ligh

Herman Edwards | NECA EMERGE Conference 2024

Herman Edwards


Herm Edwards is currently an ESPN football analyst, where the former NFL and college head coach appears across a variety of shows, including Sports

James Willson Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

James Willson

Los Angeles County Chapter NECA

James Willson has been a crucial part of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) in Los Angeles since 1979, where he's served as the

Jared Christman  | NECA EMERGE 2024

Jared Christman

Big State Electric

Jared Christman has spent the last 30 years in the Electrical industry in some form or fashion. Everything from GIS mapping in the field, to cuttin

Jared Karbowsky Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Jared Karbowsky


Jared Karbowsky is the Director of Government Affairs for the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA). In this role, he oversees the Fed

Jarret Bergkamp Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Jarret Bergkamp

Decker Electric

Jarret Bergkamp has spent the past 18 years navigating the electrical industry, currently holding the position of Executive Director of Operations

Jason Kreger Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Jason Kreger

Aladdin Electric

Jason R Kreger is a seasoned industry professional with over 30 years of experience in the electrical service industry. As the President and Genera

Jeff Beavers | NECA EMERGE Conference 2024

Jeff Beavers


Jeff Beavers is NECA’s Executive Director of Network Integration and Services.

With more 30 years in the information and communications techn

Jerry Hein Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Jerry Hein

ECSI System Integrators

Jerry Hein is the President of ECSI System Integrators in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Jerry founded ECSI in 1997. ECSI is a Systems Integrator a

EMERGE Speaker 2024

Jesse Hale

Alcan Electrical & Engineering, Inc.

Jesse Hale, a lifelong Alaskan raised in Southcentral Alaska, has dedicated his career to the electrical industry. Starting from humble beginnings

Jim Simpson Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Jim Simpson

Electrical Training Alliance

Jim is currently the Director of Installer-Technician and Residential. He oversees curriculum development for Telecommunications, Fiber Optic, Data

Joe Gesino Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Joe Gesino


Joe Gesino has been a valued member of the Atkore Technical Sales Team for 7 years. In his role, he works closely with Electrical Contractors and S

Joe Leggo Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Joe Leggo

O'Connell Electric Company

As Vice President of Technical Services for O’Connell Electric Company, Joe has dedicated 35 years of his career to the electrical construction ind

Joelle Salerno Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Joelle Salerno

Western Pennsylvania Chapter, NECA

Joelle Salerno is the Assistant Director for the Western Pennsylvania Chapter of NECA, focusing on Chapter Innovation and Legislative Policy. Durin

EMERGE Speaker 2024

John Burke

Continental Electric
Jon Bezon Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Jon Bezon

Adrian Steel

Jon has spent the past 16 years in various roles in the upfitting business with Adrian Steel. His unique experience with contractors will bring a

Joseph Weyel Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Joseph Weyel

CDI Technology Services

Joseph Weyel brings more than 25 years of project management and construction experience to the CDI team.  Having grown up in the electrical and te

Josh Bone | NECA EMERGE Conference

Josh Bone

ELECTRI International

As Executive Director of ELECTRI International, the Foundation for Electrical Construction, Josh Bone guides the Foundation’s research and educatio

Joshua Knott Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Joshua Knott


With 27 years of industry experience between installation, estimation project management and engineering, Josh Knott is armed with the background a

Julia Pollak | NECA EMERGE Conference

Julia Pollak


Julia Pollak is the chief economist for ZipRecruiter who is moving the needle behind the scenes with forward-looking, integrated approaches to econ

Karen Prescott Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Karen Prescott

Orange County Chapter NECA

Karen Prescott is currently the Orange County NECA Chapter’s Executive Director. Her passion for business development runs deep. Karen became the S

Kayla Murphy Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Kayla Murphy

Milwaukee Tool

Kayla is a National Account Manager at Milwaukee Tool, proudly supporting NECA and their members. With Milwaukee Tool's innovative solutions drivin

Ken MacDougall Headshot | NECA EMERGe 2024

Ken MacDougall

Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter NECA

Ken is the Director of Business Development at NECA Penn-Del-Jersey and has been with the Chapter for 15 years. Ken also manages two IBEW locals an

Kerri Stewart Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Kerri Stewart

Miller Electric

Kerri Stewart serves as Chief Strategy Officer for Miller Electric Company and President of Miller EV Solutions. Kerri leads the development of bu

Kirk Wahlstrom  | NECA EMERGE 2024

Kirk Wahlstrom

Egan Company

Kirk Wahlstrom brings three decades of experience in Building Automation and Intelligent Buildings to the table. Beyond his commitment to construct

Kristy Phillips Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Kristy Phillips


As a dynamic professional deeply entrenched in the development of business relationships, Kristy Phillips embodies the essence of strategic partner

Kurt Brinkman Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Kurt Brinkman

Intrepid Electronic Systems Inc

Kurt Brinkman serves as the CEO of Intrepid Electronic Systems, Inc., a San Francisco Bay Area based company specializing in Fire Alarm Life Safety

EMERGE Speaker 2024

Kyle Crossfield

Inglett & Stubbs
Kyle Krueger Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Kyle Krueger


Kyle Krueger is NECA's Executive Director of Codes and Standards. He has worked in the electrical industry for over 25 years as an Inside Wireman,

Louise Jones Magee Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Louise Jones-Magee

Sabino Electric

Louise Jones-Magee is the President of Sabino Electric with over twenty-nine years in the industry, and a graduate of the University of Arizona wit

EMERGE Speaker 2024

Luigi Bifero

Maron Electric
Luis Suau Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Luis Suau

Sinclair Digital

Luis Suau is co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Sinclair Digital as well as an independent Digital Building Consultant in his own practice, L

Mahmoud Ibrahim Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Mahmoud Ibrahim

Panduit Corp.

Mahmoud Ibrahim serves as a Sr. Business Development Manager at Panduit Ventures, playing a pivotal role in nurturing new products and business ini

Marco Giamberardino Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Marco Giamberardino


Marco Giamberardino is Senior Vice President, Government and Public Affairs for the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA). He supervis

Matt Lamb Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Matt Lamb

Rosendin Electric

Matt has been working in the construction industry in one capacity or another for the last 25+ years. Currently, he is the Chief Information Office

Matthew Apfel Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Matthew Apfel

Electrical JATC of Southern Nevada

Matthew Apfel is a Senior Technician in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local #357. He has spent the last two decades of his e

Matthew Cappadonna Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Matthew Cappadonna

Mid-West Electric

With a career spanning nearly three decades, Matthew has proudly served as President of Mid-West Electric Co. since 2002, guiding the fourth-genera

Matthew Young Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Matthew Young


Matthew Young is the EV Grid-to-Charger Leader at ABB U.S., a technology leader in electrification and automation, enabling a more sustainable and

Max Gallaway Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Max Gallaway

Max Electric, Inc.

Max Gallaway is VP and a principal at Max Electric, Inc. He was exposed early to the Electrical Industry at the dinner table with his parents who f

Max Shirley Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Max Shirley

Newcomb & Boyd, LLP

As a smart buildings strategist with over 20 years of experience in the industry, Max is passionate about designing and advocating for intelligent,

Melinda Kershaw Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Melinda Kershaw

Day & Night Solar

Melinda’s key focuses the past 23 years have been business development concentrating on sales and operational infrastructure for emerging technolog

EMERGE Speaker 2024

Michael Maiello

Schneider Electric

Michael has been with Schneider Electric and APC for over 31 years. In that time, he has held various positions in engineering, engineering managem

Mike Carroll Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Mike Carroll


Mike is a 29-year veteran of the electrical industry working for Graybar. He started as a counter salesperson and quickly moved into an outside sal

EMERGE Speaker 2024

Mike Reifsnyder

Speelman Electric
Nick Behnken Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Nick Behnken

ESI Electrical

With a passion for innovation, Nick Behnken has held many positions in his 24-year career in the electrical industry. Over the past six years, he h

Nick Rol Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Nick Rol

Thompson Solutions Group

Nick Rol has amassed 24 years of experience in the electrical industry. Graduating from the IA JATC in 2007, he has progressed from Foreman to Proj

Patrick Gorham Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Patrick Gorham

Rosendin Electric

Patrick Gorham has been in the electrical industry for 30 years and is currently the Transportation Area Superintendent for Rosendin Electric. He h

Paul Vanderlaan Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Paul Vanderlaan


Paul has over 30 years of experience in the cable industry, developing and managing high-performance premise cables and electronic components syste

Paul Zikopoulos | NECA EMERGE Conference

Paul Zikopoulos

Paul is an award-winning tech thought leader and writer who has shared his expertise on AI and big data on the popular TV show, 60 Minutes, as well

Pete Mastrorocco Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Pete Mastrorocco


Pete Mastrorocco is Senior Vice President, Education, Events and Partnerships for the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA). He superv

Ramsay Stevens Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Ramsay Stevens

California Labor Management, Cooperation Committee of NECA-IBEW

Ramsay Stevens is the Program Director at the California LMCC's Project Development Platform. He has worked for NECA-IBEW for over a decade special

Richard Jamerson Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Richard Jamerson

Jamerson & Bauwens

Rick Jamerson is President Emeritus of Jamerson & Bauwens Electric in Northbrook, IL. He has an Electrical Engineering degree from the Universi

Rick Osbakken Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Rick Osbakken

Holden Electric Co., Inc.

Rick Osbakken started his career 35 years ago at Holden Electric in Central MN. In 1999 he founded Agate Electric back in his hometown of Two Harbo

Rob Patterson Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Rob Patterson


Rob Patterson is the Technical Solutions Manager for Digital Systems at ABB Inc. Rob joined ABB/GE in 1994, working on the development of Energy Ma

Rob Smith Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Rob Smith

Sargent Electric Company

Mr. Smith is the President of Sargent Electric Company, which recently celebrated their 100th anniversary as a NECA Contractor. Sargent is a diver

Roger Sagraves Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Roger Sagraves

Alcan Electrical & Engineering Inc.

Roger is a dedicated Alaskan with a lifelong commitment to innovative voice communications and technology solutions. With a strong foundation at Al

Ron Tellas Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Ron Tellas


Ron Tellas is a subject-matter expert in RF design and Electromagnetic Propagation and joined Belden in 2016 to help define the roadmap of technolo

Ronna Davis Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Ronna Davis


Ronna is VP of Business Development for Voltserver. Ronna has been in the networking and telecommunication industry for 26 years where she has held

Samuel Rokowski Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Sam Rokowski

Maddox Electric

Samuel Rokowski serves as the Director of the Maddox Training Institute & Construction Technology. In this role, he supervises training initiat

Scott Calton Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Scott Calton

Inglett & Stubbs LLC

Scott Calton is a seasoned professional with over three decades of dedicated service in the electrical industry. As the Operations Manager at Ingle

Sean Lazarian  | NECA EMERGE 2024

Sean Lazarian


A third-generation owner, Sean has participated in all aspects of the electrical construction company his grandfather started over 60 years ago. Fr

Sean Samson Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Sean Samson

Sean Samson Training

Recognized as the industry thought leader within the Electrical, Mechanical, and Service arena, Sean’s “industry-specific” contractor training conc

Shaabini Alford Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Shaabini Alford

Top Line Mechanical

Shaabini Alford is a seasoned professional in the plumbing and mechanical contracting industry, with a career spanning back to 2003. Shaabini has w

Sheri Trzebiatowski Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Sheri Trzebiatowski

ArchKey Solutions

Sheri serves as Vice President for ArchKey's national integrated facility services business. With over 15 years of experience installing and optimi

Steve Eaves Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Steve Eaves


Stephen Eaves is the founder and CEO of VoltServer and is the inventor of a new technology class for electricity distribution called Fault Managed

Steve Rose Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Steve Rose

Electrical Training Institute of Southern California

Steve has been in the Unionized Electrical Industry for over forty-two years. Over the span of his career, which began with his apprenticeship in

Tanner Venema Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Tanner Venema

Skyline Electric

Tanner Venema has been working as an electrician for 18 years, with the last 3.5 years spent leading the service department at Skyline Electric. Co

EMERGE Speaker 2024

Tara Canfield

Schneider Electric
Tim Ehmann Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Tim Ehmann

O'Connell Electric Company

Tim Ehmann is a ground-up electrician using skills, experience, and relationships to instill confidence in Renewables developers eyes. Confidence i

EMERGE Speaker 2024

Tim Schultheis

Schultheis Electric
Tim Tebow | NECA EMERGE Conference 2024

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow is a two-time national champion, Football Hall of Fame Inductee, Heisman Trophy winner, first-round NFL draft pick, and a former professi

Toby Mitchell Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Toby Mitchell

Classic Electric & Consulting Corporation

Toby Mitchell, a seasoned service & maintenance electrician and President of Classic Electric & Consulting Corp. He has continuously embrac

Todd Harpel Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Todd Harpel


Todd Harpel has 35 years of experience in communications infrastructure design and specification. He holds a M.S. in Telecommunications from the Un

Todd Mustard Headshot | NECA EMERGE 2024

Todd Mustard

Oregon-Columbia Chapter, NECA

Todd is the Executive Manager of the Oregon Columbia Chapter of NECA. He previously worked for both The Association of Union Constructor, or TAUC,

EMERGE Speaker 2024

Tony Waters

ArchKey/Parsons Electric
Tyler Andrews | NECA EMERGE 2024

Tyler Andrews

PoE Texas

Tyler is an influencer for Intelligent Buildings and Power Over Ethernet. He currently leads PoE Texas making technology accessible to facility own