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World Economic Forum Boston Consulting Group
Electrical Contracting and the Fourth Industrial Revolution
The electrical contracting industry is on the threshold of unprecedented growth potential. Many electrical contractors are utilizing digital technologies ...
Construction Spending Chart
Construction Employment and Spending Rose in Spring 2018
According to recent analyses, both construction employment and spending rose in spring 2018, indicating labor demand in the industry continues to be high. However, as always, the challenge is finding qualified workers to take on this labor.
ETV 1m views youtube
ElectricTV Reaches 5M Views on YouTube
The Electric TV video channel is a project of Powering America—a team that consists of craftsmen who are members of the IBEW and the NECA.
Take Action: Tell Congress to Invest in our Nation’s Infrastructure
It is time for Congress to enact a sweeping infrastructure plan that will rebuild and modernize our nation's electrical grid, broadband infrastructure, as well as our roads, bridges, waterways, clean water and wastewater infrastructure, and building infrastructure.
PLC Member Exclusive: Sign Up for the June 14 Town Hall Webinar
Washington insider updates on the latest happenings on Capitol Hill for PLC Members only.
NECA Legislative Top Three: 6/8/18
The long-awaited top-two primary election in California was held June 5 and Democrats, who flooded nearly every major race with a plethora of candidates, managed to avoid being shutout in all of their targeted races. NECA-supported candidates, including ...
NECAPAC Update 6/8/18
If a Robot Slips in Popcorn Butter, Who Picks It Up?
NECA’s safety conference was just held, and it’s reasonable to assume that the topic of robots slipping in popcorn butter was not covered under fall protection. No joke, the Amazon Warehouse Robots ...
esfi hurricane
Demonstrations, New Technology to be Part of the Lineman Pavilion at 2018 NECA Show
With the beginning of summer comes the threat of hurricanes. For electrical contractors, being prepared for those disasters is essential.
contech 18
Construction Industry Professionals Gear Up for ConTECH Roadshow in Kansas City
Join construction industry professionals and students as they meet in Kansas City on Wednesday, July 18 for another JBKnowledge ConTech Roadshow
safety question
NECA Asks: How Do You Keep Employees Engaged with Safety
We asked 2018 NECA Safety Professionals Conference attendees how they keep their employees invested in their own safety.
drug impaired
Sobering Study from States’ Safety Association
New research to examine the impact of marijuana and opioids on driving ability and provides recommendations on how best to address these emerging challenges
OSHA Proposes Rule to Ensure That Crane Operators Are Qualified to Safely Operate Equipment
OSHA has proposed a rule to increase the safety of America’s construction sites. The proposal clarifies crane operator certification requirements and reinstates the employer duty to ensure that a crane operator is qualified to safely operate equipment. Comments must be submitted by June 20.
U.S. Department of Labor Proposes Extension for Beryllium Standard Compliance
Rule would extend compliance deadline for specific requirements of the beryllium standard for the general industry sector
NECA Opens Registration for Annual Convention and Trade Show in Philadelphia
NECA 2018 Philadelphia will take place on Sept. 29-Oct. 2 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, marking the convention’s first time back to the City of Brotherly Love in 50 years.
smart roads
Smart Roads Gaining Traction
Roadways could be safer with smart technology imbedded in the pavement itself. Think of it, the road could technologically sense an accident and immediately summons the ambulance or other emergency response vehicles.
NECA 1025
Growing by 10% by 2025, is a more than 33% increase in 7 years. To achieve that level of growth, we have to ...
ELECTRI Publishes New Reports On Quality in Construction, Best Practices
ELECTRI International has published two new reports: Quality in Construction – Improving Productivity and Rework by Establishing a Built-in-Quality (BIQ) Program and Organizational Change Adoption: Best Practices for Electrical Contractors.
Registration for NECA's Annual Convention and Trade Show to Open May 31
NECA 2018 Philadelphia will take place on Sept. 29-Oct. 2 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, marking the convention’s first time back to the City of Brotherly Love in 50 years.
Longtime Contractor, Former District VP Thomas C. "Tom" Halperin Passes Away
The National Electrical Contractors Association mourns the passing of Thomas C. “Tom” Halperin, the former president of Illinois-based Commercial Light Company and longtime industry leader.

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