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The NECA Service Network brings together leading electrical contracting firms from across the US, every one of them dedicated to expert delivery of every type of electrical service & maintenance. Their professional capabilities extend broadly into all segments of the industry, including commercial, institutional, residential, industrial, generation, and transportation.

Benefits of Joining:

Business Development Opportunities

Joining the NECA Service Network will quickly introduce member firms to immediate possibilities in developing new service & maintenance related business connections that cannot be developed nearly so well in any other way.

Networking Opportunities

Member firms wishing to expand coverage beyond their normal realm of operation will have the ability to do so with confidence in knowing that they can trust colleagues in other locations to deliver services on par with their own standards.

Professional Recognition

At last there now will be a forum with the possibility of awards and recognition for professional quality in the delivery of service & maintenance, just as there has traditionally been for other kinds of exceptional accomplishment in the electrical contracting industry.  

Service Management Education

The NECA Service Network delivers private “members-only” 20-minute video webcasts, two times per month. These video webcasts have been custom designed expressly for electrical service managers and their inside staff. They provide a uniquely effective source of professional instruction for every service management team.

Service Electrician Training

The NECA Service Network has introduced a one-of-a-kind form of training for field service electricians via 10-minute audio podcasts. Brimming with great practical takeaways on a large variety of “how-to” subjects, these podcasts will be distributed to subscribers simultaneously with the distribution of the video webcasts for service managers twice monthly.

Exclusive Special Events

Participants of NECA's Service Network will gather in special breakout sessions at national conventions, district meetings and NECA Now. NSN members will engage with subject matter experts in presentations and discussions delving deeply into best practices and new discoveries related to service & maintenance.

How it Works

Exclusively for NECA member contractors, the NECA Service Network provides tailored education for service and maintenance professionals and enrolls your company into NECA's national network of service and maintenance contractors, providing you and your team with the support and services they need to stay leaders in their field. 

What you get:

  • Service Management Education: 

    unlimited access to two 20-minute webcasts a month, providing members with a unique and effective source of continuing education for your service management team.

  • Service Electrician Training:

     Training for field service electricians via two 10-minute audio podcasts delivered monthly, each containing practical takeaways on a large variety of "how-to" subjects. 

Special Introductory Rate Available:

Regularly $225, join the NECA Service Network and pay only $100 monthly for your subscription! Click below to subscribe today and lock in these early rates. 

Cost: $100/month*

Subscribe today

*Once enrolled your credit card on file will be automatically charged a monthly recurring fee of $100 ($225.) Written notice is required to unsubscribe from this program.

Rewards of Service & Maintenance Work

Increased Enterprise Value

The greatest reward from building a professionally-managed service & maintenance business comes from the increased enterprise value that it creates in your company. All of the major features of a well-run service & maintenance operation—including its predictable profitability, risk profile, cash flow, and recurring revenues from an ever-growing customer base—add valuation to a contracting company in a manner that typical construction activity cannot match.

Protection Against Downturns

A well-managed service & maintenance organization within an electrical contracting company provides revenues and profits that will offset a downturn in new construction activity. An electrical contractor who has made it a priority to maintain a healthy balance of revenues—in service & maintenance versus new construction—will be able to ride out a general economic slump or a drop-off in major customers’ capital spending.

Pull-Through Work Opportunities

From the special relationships with customers that an electrical contractor can develop through ongoing service & maintenance engagement, opportunities for “pull-through” work will very often arise. Benefitting the customer and the contractor, these opportunities to bypass the time consuming requirements of soliciting bids versus negotiating a contract are made possible via the trust factor developed through ongoing relationships.

Contact Us:

For more information about the NECA Service Network email info@necaservicenetwork.com or, call Leticia M. Fedora at icon-2724-949-0642

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