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NECA Safety Manual (5030 RK-18) Powerpoint and digital resource kit download

Why do I need a manual?

Most agree on the value of safety. Morally, electrical contractors establish safety rules and require employees to follow them to prevent anyone from getting hurt. From a regulatory perspective we need to comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. Finally, it just makes good business sense. Accidents can be costly. Higher insurance premiums and hidden costs, such as down time and administrative overhead, can significantly affect the success of any business. On top of this many customers won’t hire contractors who fail to prove they run a safe company.

A comprehensive, effective-written safety manual is the first step in establishing and proving your company as safe.

What does a safety manual do?

A written safety manual:

  • serves as a mutual agreement:
    • between employer and employee stipulating what procedures will be followed to ensure the safety of the employee.
    • with the host employer/customer it is an agreement that the contractor will follow appropriate safety rules to protect the customer from the negative impact of an incident that could occur on their property during a given project.
  • is a strong communication media to ensure employees, host employers/customers and OSHA know and understand what actions are to be taken to ensure safety for all to which it applies.

Why should I buy the NECA manual?

NECA understands the many challenges (prequalification hurdles, OSHA compliance, special requirements set by NFPA 70E) electrical contractors face and what is needed. The new NECA Manual targets those elements.

The Manual:

  • is based on programs that have met 3rd party evaluator demands for the prequalification process
  • includes those sections/topics needed for OSHA compliance and requested by host employers/customers
  • is an interactive and collaborative living document incorporating feedback from users. NECA members using the document provide information on new elements requested by customers or regulatory agencies. Changes are made to the program in its digital format and users can download the updates as needed.

Order the new NECA Safety Manual today! With these new features electrical contractors will be better able to protect employees, more easily prequalify for customer projects and comply with all OSHA requirements.

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NECA Digital Resources kits includes a training PowerPoint, a PDF copy of the guide and any forms or checklists that are associated with the guide.

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