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Index #: NECA 105-15

NECA/NEMA 105-2015, Standard for Installing and Maintaining Cable Tray Systems (PDF)

This ANSI-approved standard describes installation procedures for metal cable tray systems. NECA has partnered again with the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) to produce this National Electrical Installation Standard (NEIS) for installing metallic cable tray based on NEMA VE 2. This installation standard also addresses shipping, handling, storing, and installing cable tray systems and provides information on maintenance and system modification.

Minimum safety requirements for installing metal cable tray systems are provided in Article 392 of the National Electrical Code®. As with all NEIS, NECA/NEMA 105-15 goes far beyond the minimum Code requirements by addressing the quality and performance aspects for installing this type of wiring method. How bends should be made, how supports should be installed, and how to effectively plan cable tray runs for optimum routing, are just a few features covered in this valuable installation standard. As with other NEIS, engineers and designers can rest assured that by referring to NECA/NEMA 105 from plans and specifications they are establishing the confidence that owners are seeking relative to quality. NECA/NEMA also continues to effectively compliment electrical training programs by addressing many of “the how” to issues related to installing metal cable tray. This revised standard is packed with solid, useful information the industry has come to expect from the NEIS.

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