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Index #: F3000(R-07)

Factors Affecting Labor Productivity for Electrical Contractors

The evident economic importance of understanding productivity has prompted the construction industry to conduct research identifying job conditions and building techniques that reduce effficiency.� The amount of research conducted and published varies from factor to factor.� Though some labor situations have undergone greater analysis than others, research addressing factors affecting labor productivity is scarce in general.� The purposes of this report are to:

  • Develop a working definition of the different factors affecting labor productivity.
  • Provide for the first time a quantitative measure, with a reasonable degree of accuracy, of the impact of these factors on labor productivity.� Such a measure will assist electrical contractors in estimating the additional costs related to labor productivity loss when confronted with a construction environment that differs from the circumstances considered during bidding and planning.
  • Provide a better understanding of the differences between the two approaches used to quantify the impact of these factors on labor productivity, namely the factors approach and the cumulative impact approach.� Contractors and owners alike need the ability to quantitatively calculate the impacts on conditions affecting labor efficiency for use in management and claims negotiation and litigation.
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