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NECA Vision 2020 Task Force Final Report (Index # 9027)

To prepare NECA for the future: With consideration for the internal and external forces of change. Disruptive technology, leadership transition, generational dynamics, shifting member expectations.

What we learned?
Being a member of the NECA community, using NECA to shape and improve the electrical industry, and the opportunity to interact with peers are central to the value of NECA membership.

Vision: Empowering Lives & Communities
Mission: Deliver value to members; develop best talent; collaborate with partners; foster member relationships
Core Values: Customer Focused; Leadership; Partnership; Accountability; Excellence; Innovative; Stewardship; Community.

Vision 2020 establishes a foundation for NECA strategic plans, programs, organizational objectives, metrics and assessment. How will NECA members benefit? NECA clearly defines that the NECA member is its primary customer and that it will focus on the success of its members. The Vision, Mission, and Core Values will be shared by members and staff of the national organization and chapters.

The NECA Executive Committee defined a primary important goal: increase market share by 10 percentage points by 2025.

The NECA Strategy and Innovation Committee has been established as a permanent committee to explore the future of the electrical construction industry in 10 years and beyond.

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