Field Representative, Southern Region

Tracy Landers, Field Representative, Southern Region

Landers started his career as an Apprentice in the Montgomery Electrical JATC, completing the program in 1992. In 1994, after working in the field as a Journeyman Inside Wireman, Landers became an Assistant Business Manager at IBEW Local Union 443, based in Montgomery, Alabama. During this time he served as the Training Director and instructed apprentices for the Montgomery Electrical JATC. In 1999, he became Business Manager/Financial Secretary of IBEW Local 443, serving two terms before starting at the local NECA Chapter. He also served as a trustee on the multi-employer plans covered by the CBA during this period.

In 2005, Landers served as the Executive Director of the Gulf Coast Chapter, NECA, working as the Executive Secretary for the Board of Directors. The Chapter consists of six divisions across the states of Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi. He also served as a trustee on two health plans and three pension plans.

Landers joined NECA’s National Staff in January of 2022, serving as a Field Representative for District 3 in the Southern Region. In March of 2023, NECA named Tracy Landers as Labor Relations Specialist.