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State Reg. Exceptions

Some states exempt certain types of work or classes of installations from electrical code, inspection, and/or licensing requirements.

Typical exemptions are listed below; they are referenced by code letter in the individual state listings:

  1. Electric utility installations and wiring, up to and including meters on customer premises.
  2. Communications systems including radio, cable television, telecommunications, and similar systems.
  3. Industrial installations.
  4. Installations of a specialized nature such as mines, refineries, gas and oil fields, and transportation systems.
  5. Automotive wiring.
  6. Temporary wiring on construction or similar projects.
  7. Installations on government property.
  8. Farm or agricultural installations.
  9. Electrical appliances.
  10. One- and two-family dwellings.
  11. Work performed by homeowners on their own property, not intended for sale.
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