Tom Mackay | NSPC

Tom Mackay

Director HSE
Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario (ECAO)

Tom Mackay has a passionate, down to earth and practical approach to health and safety management systems with more than 35 years of experience in industrial and construction workplaces. He was involved with intake clinics for Ontario Trades workers where body mapping helped exposure of hazardous substances to onset of disease. He lobbied for legislative changes including reduction of occupational exposure values for hazardous substances, classification and regulation of designated substances among other legislative changes. Tom has been recognized by the Workers Health and Safety Centre and the Guelph Labour Counsel for outstanding service and dedication toward improving the work environment and wellbeing of Ontario Workers. In 2005, Tom joined the Ministry of Labour as an Inspector and later as acting Regional Program Coordinator. His experience at the Ministry includes participation in a cross-training initiative for construction and industrial inspectors as well as assignment of several high-profile cases giving him in-depth and unique knowledge of regulatory requirements, interpretation, due diligence and hazard assessment. In 2015, Tom successfully passed the BCRSP exam and accepted the position of Director of Health and Safety for a High Voltage Electrical Construction and Maintenance company specializing in the design, construction and maintenance of electrical substations and control buildings. During his time in the Utility Sector, he has help build safety programs. In 2018, Tom was selected to chair the ECAO Health and Safety Committee comprised of both union and member company representatives. The committee shares health and safety information and materials promoting new safe work initiatives, training and legislative changes in cooperation with outside agencies such as the MOL and ESA, to better serve member companies engaged in the electrical trades in Ontario. Tom became one of a dozen IHSA approved COR External Auditors in the Province of Ontario and takes pride in sharing his passion and knowledge of health and safety can be shared with employers through effective training and coaching, program and safety system development, improved performance, lower incidents, better compliance rates and COR Certification all resulting in cost savings, customer retention and fewer worker injuries.