Scott Margolin | NSPC

Scott Margolin

Vice President of Technical and Corporate Strategy

Scott attended Franklin & Marshall College and the University of Delaware. Prior to joining Tyndale in 2016, he was a firefighter for six years, then spent ten years at DuPont working with Kevlar and Nomex, leading their flash fire business for four years, before spending 16 years as the International Technical Director of Westex. He is currently Chair of the ASTM F1959 Arc Rating Standard as well as home and industrial laundering standards F1449 and F2757, and Chairman of the Board of the Partnership for Electrical Safety. Scott has extensive experience with the performance of many protective apparel fabrics; he has conducted or observed over 3500 electric arcs and 4000 flash fires at laboratories in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe and Asia. He has led unprecedented field analysis of the energy, duration and hazards of actual flash fires in a full scale outdoor industrial environment, a 3 year arc flash project conducted by a major electric utility which used actual equipment and real system energies, making major advances in confined space and overhead work; and groundbreaking testing of low-voltage equipment arcs and PPE performance.