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Working with Capacitors: Focus on Lockout-Tagout/Hazardous Energy Control

After power has been disconnected, electrical energy can still be a threat as it is stored in capacitors and having a safe capacitor discharge process is required by NFPA 70E. This session focuses on risk assessment and reduction when managing this common electrical systems component. Learn how to define electrical capacitors, their use and application in various occupational settings, become aware to the hazards of capacitors during their discharge process, evaluate safe release methods and utilize lockout/tagout procedures.

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Paul Zoubek | NSPC
Paul Zoubek
Zoubek Consulting, LLC

Paul A .Zoubek has made a profession out of his electrical safety and fire protection certifications where he has bee

May 24, 2023
01:45 PM03:00 PM
Location: Germantown 3
  • NFPA 70E and Electrical Safety