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Risk Managing Your Fleet

Automotive crashes continue to be a large exposure for all types of businesses. Vehicle crashes, fatalities, and distracted driving are a serious problem. With more drivers – and their mobile devices – on the road every day, the potential for behind-the-wheel distractions increases, and so does your business’s exposure to this risk. This presentation will address leadership strategies to impact employee driving behavior and ideas for implementing a mobile device/driving policy. It will also introduce you to technology tools to aid in restricting mobile phone use in vehicles – such as the Federated DriveSAFESM telematics app. Be prepared to discuss actions that can make a positive difference to your business and your employees.

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Stewart Van Duzer | NSPC 2023
Stewart Van Duzer
Federated Insurance

Stewart Van Duzer is a 1st Vice President, Director of Special Projects – Risk Management at Federated Insurance. His

May 24, 2023
03:15 PM03:45 PM
Location: Germantown 1
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