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Human Performance and Workplace Electrical Safety

The potential for human error is always a factor when responding to an emergency situation. It is a part of electrical safety programs that many may overlook but this session will teach you how to implement human performance tools to counteract human mistakes. Learn how employees process information, typical error modes, problematic signs and warning flags. Improve job site safety and culture by involving the entire company to point out tasks and jobs that may draw more human fault than others.

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Jim Dollard | NSPC
James Dollard
President and CEO
Flintlock Technical Services

Jim Dollard retired in 2018 as the Safety Coordinator for IBEW Local 98. He has and continues to serve on NFPA commit

May 25, 2023
08:00 AM09:15 AM
Location: Germantown 3
  • NFPA 70E and Electrical Safety