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How to Conduct Effective Incident Investigations

A recent shift in how the industry evaluates its success is causing more organizations like the Edison Electric Institute and its members to place an increased emphasis on leading measures. These changing metrics used to determine safety performance will also determine how likely a certain outcome is- given the variables. Some utilities have even begun to apply these measures to contractors working at their facilities. As these metrics become more commonly used, this session will explain how to identify these metrics, how they are calculated and their impact on the industry's future.

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Joe O'Connor | NSPC Conference 2023
Joe O'Connor

Mr. O'Connor is a President of INTEC. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from the University of

Keith Williams | NSPC
Keith Williams

Keith Williams has over 30 years’ experience in occupational safety and health. He has managed safety and loss contro

May 25, 2023
02:30 PM03:45 PM
Location: Midtown 3
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