Joe Leggo | NECA Service & Maintenance Conference

Joe Leggo

O'Connell Electric Company

Joe serves as the Vice President of Technical Services for O’Connell Electric Company, where he has spent most of his 35-year career in the industry. Joe started as an apprentice after completing his associates in electrical construction and maintenance, topped out as a journeyman electrician, spent time as a foreman in the field before transitioning to the office as a Division Manager and is a graduate of the NECA NEXT Academy. Joe’s initiative was instrumental in establishing and growing the company’s Technical Services Group which is responsible for all aspects of Testing, Commissioning, Engineering, Service and Maintenance operations for O’Connell Electric Company. He manages three TEGG franchise market regions owned by the company located throughout New York and Pennsylvania. Joe has received numerous industry awards, including a Double Platinum Award from TEGG Corporation for continued business growth and recurring customer retention, and three consecutive awards for TEGG Contractor of The Year.