Chasen Tedder | NECA Service & Maintenance Conference

Chasen Tedder

Hampton Tedder

Chasen Tedder is the Vice President at Hampton Tedder Technical Services. Chasen has been working at HTTS since 2005. He started as a material handler and ETT trainee, moving onto a junior engineer and ETT assistant. Chasen graduated from the California State University, Long Beach with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Power Systems. He has spent over a decade in the field testing, maintaining, commissioning, and field engineering electrical power distribution systems. He is currently an IBEW member, a California General Electrician, a senior utility P&C tech, a NETA 4, a Professional Electrical Engineer in several states, a NETA Board member with the position of 2nd VP, and a member of the NETA Standards Review Council. Chasen’s specialties include cable testing, protective device coordination and testing, and online partial discharge testing. He is in charge of operations, engineering, facilities, and sales at Hampton Tedder Technical Services.