Marketing to Grow Your Service & Maintenance Business: How to Create a Foundation for Long-Term Sales Success

Expanding your business solutions to include maintenance and service makes smart sense, but how do you attract customers? What's the best way to get the word out? Where should you start? While there's no magic bullet, there is no limit to the lessons we can learn from those who have succeeded before us. In this instructional program, you'll learn how to integrate old-school marketing tactics with new-school online strategies to build brand awareness, generate interest, and close sales.

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Sima Dahl | 2023 Service & Maintenance Conference
Sima Dahl

Sima Dahl, CSP, AS, and MBA, is an international speaker and branding visionary who will revolutionize the way you th

June 29, 2023
02:10 PM03:10 PM
Location: Capitol Ballroom
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