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Vincent Windrow

Cornucopia Consulting Group

A popular national keynote speaker and conference presenter, Dr. Vincent Windrow was a featured speaker at the annual gatherings of the National Association of Federal Education Program Administrators (NAFEPA) and the National Organization of Student Success. He was also one of six experts chosen out of 113 applicants to present at the Education Advisory Board’s ConnectED Conference. Additionally, he has keynoted opening day events for numerous school systems and university convocations. Two years ago, he collaborated with the Mayor of Murfreesboro, Tennessee on a series of televised conversations on race and community matters. 

He is uniquely gifted in the areas of leadership development, customer service, harnessing the power of teams, and motivating staffs. His extended work in the diversity, equity, and inclusion space has helped universities, businesses, and local governments better understand the principles and best practices of the recruitment and retention of targeted populations. 

Dr. Windrow has exceeded expectations and earned national acclaim in a variety of leadership positions including Vice President of a technology firm, Director of Intercultural and Diversity Affairs, and Associate Vice-Provost of Student Success. He is now the Lead Executive of Cornucopia Consulting Group.