Akram Khallis | NECA-BICSI Summit

Akram "AK" Khalis

MHT Technologies

Akram Khalis (AK) serves as MHT’s Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of MHT's Inspextor smart building platform. As an entrepreneurial executi

Luke Dias | NECA-BICSI Summit

Luke Dias

Superior Essex

Luke Dias is the Sustainability Manager for Superior Essex Communications. He drives progress for Superior Essex Communications market leading sust

Christin Ford | NECA-BICSI Summit

Christin Ford

Superior Essex

Christin Ford is a Lead Applications Engineer at Superior Essex Communications. She holds a Registered Communication Distribution Designer (RCDD) d

Randal Gruberman | NECA-BICSI Summit

Randal Gruberman

Level-1 Global Solutions

Randal Gruberman is a Principal and Chief Technology Officer at Level-1 Global Solutions. He has worked in nearly every aspect of Technology engine


Amy Shen


As a senior digital consultant at Arup San Francisco, Amy leads the smart building consulting services, specializing in helping owners, developers

Spencer Gallo | NECA-BICSI Summit

Spencer Gallo

Bala Consulting Engineers

As a Senior Project Manager for the Technology Practice Group at Bala, Spencer has over 10 years of Technology design and project management experi

Ronna Davis | NECA-BICSI Summit

Ronna Davis

CommScope Inc.

Ronna Davis has been in the networking and telecommunication industry for over 27 years. She has been with CommScope for over 17 years and has held

Karl Rosenberg | NECA-BICSI Summit

Karl Rosenberg


Karl Rosenberg is the Mid-Atlantic Regional Application Specialist for Extron and has been in the audiovisual industry for 35 years. As a veteran p

Sean Kelly | NECA-BICSI Summit

Sean Kelly

Light Brigade

Sean Kelly, RCDD, CFHP is a fiber cable and connectivity professional with over 25 years of experience working in technical, engineering, and busin


Christopher Hobbs


Christopher S. Hobbs, RCDD, DCDC, OSP, RTPM, CT is the Director of Training Delivery and Operations at BICSI. He has spent 29 years in the ICT work

David Kiddoo | NECA-BICSI Summit

Dave Kiddoo

Communications Cable and Connectivity Association

David B. Kiddoo is the Executive Director of the Communications Cable and Connectivity Association (CCCA). Dave is also the CEO / Director of IWCS


Kim Johnson

MHT Technologies

Kim Johnson has over 10 years of marketing leadership and experience in various industries, such as retail analytics, consumer packaged goods, and

Cindy Montstream | NECA-BICSI Summit

Cindy Montstream


Cindy Montstream is the Director of Technology Support & Training for Data Infrastructure, in the Data, Power, and Control Division of Legrand.

Joseph Ford | NECA-BICSI Summit

Joseph Ford

Bala Consulting Engineers

As the Department Manager for the Technology Practice Group at Bala, Joe has over 20 years of practical field and design experience and is in charg

Luke Getto | NECA-BICSI Summit

Luke Getto


Luke Getto is the Director of Product Management and Marketing at VoltServer, a startup disrupting the energy sector with its patented Digital Elec

Jeff Parker | NECA-BICSI Summit

Jeff Parker


Jeff Parker works on changing and improving lives through education and certification for individuals, nonprofits, and enterprise clients globally

John Sileo | NECA-BICSI Summit

John Sileo

The Sileo Group

John Sileo lost his million-dollar startup, his wealth, and two years of his life to cybercrime. The losses not only destroyed his company and deci

Ron Culler | NECA-BICSI Summit

Ron Culler Jr.


Ron Culler is the Cyber Learning Officer at CompTIA focused on Cybersecurity, be it the current or future threat landscape, certification, learning

Tyler Andrews | NECA-BICSI Summit

Tyler Andrews

PoE Texas

Tyler is an influencer for Intelligent Buildings and Power Over Ethernet. He currently leads PoE Texas making technology accessible to facility own