The Intersection of Cybersecurity in OT/IoT/IT and Why It Matters

With the growth of programmable systems and connected devices (OT/IoT/IT), such as PoE Lighting, Fire Control Systems, Wind Turbines, Solar Arrays, and any Building Automation and Control systems, electrical contractors and electrical workers, especially installers, need awareness of the Cyber Security Challenges and Risks of OT/IoT/IT.

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Ron Culler | NECA-BICSI Summit
Ron Culler Jr.

Ron Culler is the Cyber Learning Officer at CompTIA focused on Cybersecurity, be it the current or future threat land

Jeff Parker | NECA-BICSI Summit
Jeff Parker

Jeff Parker works on changing and improving lives through education and certification for individuals, nonprofits, an

June 28, 2023
09:00 AM10:00 AM
Location: Aspen Ballroom 2nd Floor
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