Hospitality vs. Hospitals: Healthcare Technologies for the ICT World

This session will outline technology strategies and integrations in Healthcare facilities being implemented today by ICT professionals across the nation. These strategies are advancing facilities to benefit patient care and satisfaction, staff retention and future healthcare technologies. ICT professionals are the first line of technology visioning for the future of healthcare and will create the new digital frontier of patient care. Trends such as future resiliency, patient and staff experience, and systems integration would not be possible without support from new and advancing technologies. An effective modern healthcare building merges physical and digital elements into a cohesive ecosystem optimized for both patient and staff comfort. Understanding user profiles, merging technology planning, and addressing the impact these efforts will have on multi-generational users is critical to creating purpose driven and resilient spaces.

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Joseph Ford | NECA-BICSI Summit
Joseph Ford
Bala Consulting Engineers

As the Department Manager for the Technology Practice Group at Bala, Joe has over 20 years of practical field and des

Spencer Gallo | NECA-BICSI Summit
Spencer Gallo
Bala Consulting Engineers

As a Senior Project Manager for the Technology Practice Group at Bala, Spencer has over 10 years of Technology design

June 26, 2023
03:15 PM04:15 PM
Location: Mt. Columbia 3rd Floor
  • Breakout Sessions