Fireside Chat with John Daniels and Jeff Beavers

BICSI CEO, John Daniels and NECA's Executive Director of Network Integration and Services, Jeff Beavers will share thoughts and perspectives on the state of the industry and the technically competent workforce needed to design, build and maintain our rapidly and constantly changing connected eco-system.

Moderated by Chuck Fairchild II


Chuck Fairchild | NECA-BICSI Summit
Chuck Fairchild II
Fairchild Communication Systems

Fairchild has been an IBEW Local 481 Low Voltage Technician in good standing since 1985 and holds multiple industry a

John Daniels | NECA-BICSI Summit
John Daniels

John H. Daniels is Chief Executive Officer of BICSI, a global professional association supporting the advancement of

Jeff Beavers | NECA-BICSI Summit
Jeff Beavers

Jeff Beavers Is NECA’s Executive Director of Network Integration and Services.

With more 30 years in the inform

June 26, 2023
01:00 PM02:00 PM
Location: Aspen Ballroom 2nd Floor
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