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Business Development

Our goal is to create and expand business opportunities for NECA contractors. 

What we do:

  1. Create new online business development resources
  2. Create national level relationships between NECA and large customers, i.e., Bass Pro Shops, etc.
  3. Support targeted activities of NECA and LMCC business developers.
  4. Administer and judge the Project Excellence Awards.

News and Updates


NECA Project Excellence Awards

To showcase the exceptional work performed by our member-contractors throughout the country, the National Electrical Contractors Association created the Project Excellence Awards to recognize companies for their outstanding commitment, professionalism and ingenuity in delivering an electrical project across 12 different market sectors. 

NECA will accept submissions for the 2020 Project Excellence Award from February 1 to May 30, 2021. Awards will be based on whether the electrical/technology portion of the project is valued under or over $1 million for each market sector, except for industrial, low voltage/integrated systems, overhead transmission, residential, substation/interconnection and transportation/infrastructure. Applications submitted must be based on projects completed in 2020.

View the 2020 Winners


Our Mission:

To maintain and grow NECA member's market share by providing the knowledge, tools, resources and conditions for success.

The Business Development Task Force provides a framework where non-proprietary information on best practices and successful initiatives are shared. It addresses not only traditional lines of business but also emerging technologies in design and construction, energy efficiency, wind, solar, EV, data centers, smart grid, and energy storage. The Task Force also explores opportunities related to topics like financing, tax incentives, advocacy, education, research, tools, training, and collaboration with federal agencies, state or local governments, universities, other associations or industry groups.

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Upcoming Webinars For Week of 04/06/20

Apr 06, 2020

CARES Act and Small Businesses Webinar
Tuesday, April 7, 2020 | 12:00-1:00 PM ET

Presented by the SBLC’s President and General Counsel, Paula Calimafde, and Strategic Policy Director, Jessica Summers, both from the Law Firm of Paley Rothman in Bethesda, MD. Special guest, Paul Merski, Group Executive Vice President, Congressional Relations and Strategy, for the Independent Community Bankers of America will be joining us to discuss some of the small business loan provisions.

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Please note this webinar is offered by a 3rd party organization and promoted by NECA.

Stress Management and Self-Care Webinar
Tuesday, April 7, 2020 | 2:00-3:00 PM ET

As you aim to protect your business, keep your family and employees safe, you must also recharge to ensure that you are putting your best foot forward. Join this webinar to gain the necessary skills to manage stress and to develop a self-care plan that will energize your mind, body and business.

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Finance Considerations Amid COVID-19 Webinar
Wednesday, April 8, 2020 | 2:00-3:00 PM ET

There are a number of finance related issues that NECA Contractors should also be addressing amid the coronavirus pandemic. In this webinar we will discuss several key considerations.

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NECA Safety Update: Infectious Exposure Control Plans, Risk Assessments and COVID-19 Webinar
Thursday, April 9, 2020 | 2:00-3:00 PM ET

The current coronavirus pandemic, has shown us how important it is important it is to have an Infectious Exposure Control Plan and perform proper Risk Assessments. This session will discuss how to create your plan, the steps to take for risk assessments and proper recordkeeping procedures. There will also be a discussion on job-related duties and state directives pertaining to stay-at-home orders in addition to an updated review of NECA Resources for your use.

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