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To join the Political Leadership Council, please contact Marco Giamberardino, Executive Director, NECA Government Affairs, necagovtaffairs@necanet.org. He will be able to assist you in joining the Council.

2020 Individual PLC Members

Addeo Gina GMA Electrical Corporation
Anderson Wes Anderson Electric
Anderson Alan Quad Cities Chapter NECA
Armstrong Greg Northern California Chapter NECA
Ashford Gloria Ashford Electric
Atkinson III James E. Chewning & Wilmer Inc.
Austin Jr. Earl (Duke) Quanta Services
Baker Kent Baker Electric
Baker Ted Baker Electric
Bane James Mon Valley Electric
Bane James Daniel West Virginia-Ohio Valley Chapter NECA
Banks John Motor Shop Electrical Construction
Banks John Michigan Chapter NECA
Barber Jeffrey Valley Electrical Consolidated Inc
Bell Larry Alaska Chapter NECA
Beltramo Larry Rosendin Electric
Bodio Joseph Lan-Tel Communications
Boggs Mike Boggs Electric Company Inc
Borden Russ Tri-City Electric Company Inc.
Brady Ted Progressive Electric
Brady Ted Progressive Electric
Bringmann Scott Alcan Electric & Engineering Inc.
Brinkman Kurt Intrepid Electronics
Brown Henry Miller Electric Company
Bruce Robert Bruce & Merrilees Electric Company
Campbell Don Southern Nevada Chapter NECA
Chally David Inland Empire Chapter NECA
Champlin Jerri Monterey Bay Chapter NECA
Chettle Tim Schaeffer Electric
Clennon Larry Clennon Electric
Cochran LeeAnn Cochran Inc.
Cogburn Larry Cogburn Brothers Electric Inc
Cogburn Ron Cogburn Brothers Electric Inc
Connelly Kevin Connelly Electric
Cullen William Sharlen Electric
Daniels Timothy TDW Electric
Davie Jacob Hooper Corporation
Davies Jr. Robert Davies Electric Co.
Davis Kirk Bob Davis Electric Co. Inc.
DePace Tom Advance Sound Company
Desens John Wisconsin Chapter NECA
Diamond Steve Malko Electric Company
Dickey Dave Mahoning Valley Chapter NECA
Duff Shawn Carr & Duff Inc.
Dworschak Scott Eastern Illinois Chapter NECA
Earley Craig Morrow-Meadows Corp.
Ernst Susan Central Ohio Chapter NECA
Fatzinger Brent Abbott Electric, Inc.
Feldmann Nicolaus Eldor Contracting Corporation
Ferry Rex Valley Electrical Consolidated Inc
Flurer Robert Skeels Electric
Foster Christopher Whitehead Electric
Foy Donny Foy Group Corporation
Frantz John Sidney Electric Company
Fullford Lael Fullford Electric
Gaeth Gordie Milwaukee Chapter NECA
Geller Tom Orange County Chapter NECA
Ghassemi Mahmood Sequoyah Electric LLC
Gianotti Steve Arcadia Electric
Ginestra Dave Cascade Chapter NECA
Gini Eugene Collins Electric
Gini Brian Collins Electric
Melton Mark Southeast Texas Chapter NECA
Gray Tom Central Illinois Chapter NECA
Guarienti Ron Pueblo Electric
Gurtz Frank Gurtz Electric Company
Hale Allan Nebraska Chapter NECA
Halpin Tom Northeastern Line Chapter NECA
Hargrove Steve North Texas Chapter NECA
Harness Tracy Northwest Line Constructors Chapter NECA
Hayes Jerry United Electric Company
Holmes Mike Holmes Electric
Hott Eric MJM Electric
Hott Eric Florida West Coast Chapter NECA
Huie Wayne Young Electric Company
Huston Mark Lone Star Electric
Jamerson Richard Jamerson & Bauwens Electric
Jarding Robert Dakotas Chapter NECA
Jones Chad Western Pennsylvania Chapter NECA
Kaderabek Gregg Washington DC Chapter NECA
King Susan Southern Colorado Chapter NECA
Komm Mike Arkansas Chapter NECA
Kosmides Nick Minneapolis Chapter NECA
Laffoon Donald Electrical Corporation of America
Leslie Don Long Island Chapter NECA
Livar Robert South Texas Chapter NECA
Long Greg Long Electric Co.
Long David NECA National
Lopata Stefan Kelso-Burnett Company
Mackey Drew Evergreen Power Systems
Mahan Blair Benson Electric Company
Maloney Tony Northern Indiana Chapter NECA
Maloney Patrick Oregon-Columbia Chapter NECA
Mazur Mark MJM Electric
McBride Heidi Southern Contracting Company
McBride Tim Southern Contracting Company
McCluskey Jr. Joseph Edward G. Sawyer Co. Inc.
McGlynn James McWilliams Electric Company Inc
McGlynn James Chicago & Cook County Chapter NECA
McPhee Michael McPhee Electric Ltd.
Meiter Craig Northern Illinois Chapter NECA
Melton Charles M. Mark Melton Electric
Mikec Todd Lighthouse Electric
Mills Lindsay John Mills Electric Inc.
Mills Lindsay Southern Tier Chapter NECA
Morales Brian Pro-Cal Lighting Inc.
Morgan Clint San Diego County Chapter NECA
Morton Thomas LLD Electric Company
Mulizio Tony Northeastern Illinois Chapter NECA
Nelson Marvin Nelson Electric
Nielsen David Parsons Electric LLC
Nixon Eric Maron Electric
Ordes Steve Ordes Electric
Osbakken Rick Holden Electric
Owen Jason Brooks-Berry-Haynie & Associates
Palmer Daniel Tri-City Electric Company Inc
Parkes Walter O'Connell Electric Company
Perley Skip Thompson Electric
Philips Nathan Oregon-Pacific-Cascade Chapter NECA
Poe Matthew New River Electric Corporation
Prescott-Loeffler Karen San Diego County Chapter NECA
Quarles Michael North Kansas City Electric
Rau Del American Line Builders Chapter NECA
Reigelsperger Chris Puget Sound Chapter NECA
Rescigno Peter New York City Chapter NECA
Rick Greg Rick Electric
Rogers Carson Chewning & Wilmer Inc.
Rogers Evan Atlantic Coast Chapter NECA
Rothermel Rick Pacific Coast Electrical Conractors
Seeley Gavin Kansas City Chapter NECA
Shea Jody Service Electric Company/Quanta Services
Sherman Barry Puget Sound Chapter - NECA
Shreves Thomas Greater Cleveland Chapter NECA
Shurow Duane Progressive Electric
Snyder Shane Arizona Chapter NECA
Snyder Pepper Santa Clara Valley Chapter NECA
Spencer Peter Audio Associates
Stewart Greg The Superior Group
Tanner R.S. Automation & Electronics Inc.
Thompson Larry Thompson Electric Inc.
Turner II Robert Turner Electric Service Inc.
Walden Jason North Central Ohio Chapter NECA
Walsh Daniel B. United Electric Company
Walter Mark Christenson Electric, Inc.
Walter Mark Christenson Electric, Inc.
Weaver Jules Western Line Chapter NECA
Weber John Illinois Chapter NECA
Wilson Stacy Wilson Construction Company
Wilson Don Wilson Construction Company
Witt Jr. Ed Miller Electric
Witt Jr. Ed North Florida Chapter NECA
Witz David Continental Electrical Construction
Woodard Dylan Kansas Chapter NECA
Wright John Alterman Group
Yesbeck Paul South Florida Chapter NECA
Young James Young Electric Company
Young James San Francisco Chapter NECA
Zahn Robert Chewning & Wilmer Inc.
Eastern Oklahoma Chapter NECA
Twin Ports Arrowhead Chapter NECA
Orange County Chapter NECA