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Charlie Dent (R-PA)

Dent Represents Pennsylvania’s 15th District at NECA Legislative Conference

Representative Charlie Dent (R-PA)

Thursday, May 8, 8:30 a.m.
Chairman, the Tuesday Group; U.S. House of Representatives

NECA welcomes NECA Legislative Conference Keynote, Representative Charlie Dent (R-PA), on Thursday, May 8 at 8:30 a.m. >


A native of Allentown, Pennsylvania, Representative Dent earned a bachelor’s degree from Pennsylvania State University in 1982 and a master’s from Lehigh University in 1993.  He then went on to become a Development Officer at Lehigh University and an industrial electronics salesman before entering politics as an aide to Representative Don Ritter.  Dent would go on to serve eight years in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and six additional years in the Pennsylvania Senate chairing the Senate Urban Affairs Committee during that time.


Representative Dent currently serves Pennsylvania’s 15th district.  He is a member of the Appropriations Committee and Ethics Committee.  In addition to those committees, Dent also is co-chair of the Tuesday Group, a group of center-right republicans promoting fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility, and a strong national defense.  He also serves as the Chair of the Congressional Cement Caucus.  In 2005, Dent formed the bi-partisan Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Caucus with three colleagues promoting and enhancing awareness of hydrogen and fuel cell technology.   Since 2007 he has served as Pennsylvania’s Co-chair of the Delaware River Basin Task Force, a bi-partisan group of United States representatives from four basin states (Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania) that coordinate congressional efforts to promote restoration and vitality of the Delaware River Basin. In 2008 Dent worked on proposed legislation with Representative Mike Doyle (D-PA) to update the Veteran’s Health Administration’s outdated HIV/AIDS testing policy.

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