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NECA Top Three 10/30/15

Oct 30, 2015

1. Outgoing Speaker Boehner, the White House, House Democratic leader Pelosi and Senate leaders reached a two-year budget deal, which also extends the debt limit through March 2017. The package increases domestic spending by $80 billion and adds an additional $32 billion to a war contingency fund while offsetting those budget increases. The proposal passed the House on Wednesday by a vote of 266-167 and the Senate passed the measure early Friday morning by a vote of 64-35.

NECA’s Look Ahead: President Obama is expected to sign the deal quickly. This bipartisan compromise effectively eliminates shutdown and default threats through the 2016 elections.

2.  The House elected Rep. Paul Ryan as speaker on October 29, capping weeks of uncertainty about who will lead the chamber and the Republican Party and ending the tumultuous rule of Speaker John Boehner.

NECA’s Look Ahead: Speaker Ryan called for a positive path forward, asking that his colleagues view his election as a new day and calling on the chamber to take on the tough issues of the day: Growing the economy, strengthening the military, lifting people out of poverty and paying down the national debt. While the vote was overwhelmingly in support of the new Speaker, still nine Republicans voted against him.

3. National Apprenticeship Week starts on November 2 and it is a great opportunity for NECA contractors to invite Members of Congress to tour local training centers!

NECA’s Look Ahead: The NECA-IBEW joint apprenticeship training program creates a highly-skilled, well-rounded workforce and tremendous opportunities for the electrical industry. Take advantage of National Apprenticeship Week by celebrating the learning and career opportunities that NECA provides. If you need assistance planning on meeting with your Member of Congress, visit NECA’s Congressional Visit Toolkit.