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NECA Legislative Update 4/5/19: NECAPAC Success at NECA Now

Apr 04, 2019

At the NECA Now 2019 Meeting, contractors raised a grand total of $175,660! District 4 won the competition, raising much more than any other district.

Here is the breakdown by district:

  • District 1- $25,535
  • District 2- $27,460
  • District 3- $1,200
  • District 4- $59,615
  • District 5- $15,570
  • District 6- $1,040
  • District 7- $26,120
  • District 8- $0
  • District 9- $19,120
  • District 10- $0

Congratulations to Dakotas Chapter’s Robert Flurer of Skeels Electric for joining the Political Leadership Council! 

Special thanks to the following members for renewing their PLC memberships: 

  • Boston Chapter’s Joe McCluskey of Edward G Sawyer Co.
  • Boston Chapter’s Joe Bodio of Lan-Tel Communications
  • New York City Chapter’s Steve Gianotti of Arcadia Electric
  • Connecticut Chapter’s Mike McPhee of McPhee Electric
  • Mahoning Valley Chapter’s Rex Ferry of VEC inc.
  • North Central Ohio Chapter’s Brent Fatzinger of Abbott Electric
  • Central Ohio Chapter’s Greg Stewart of The Superior Group
  • Northeastern Illinois Chapter’s Tom Morton of LLD Electric
  • Chicago Chapter’s Jim McGlynn of McWilliams Electric
  • Illinois Chapter’s Wes Anderson of Anderson Electric
  • Chicago Chapter’s Steve Diamond of Malko communication Systems
  • Chicago Chapter’s Richard Jamerson of Jamerson & Bauwens
  • North Texas Chapter’s Mark Huston of Lone Star Electric\
  • Kansas City Chapter’s Don Laffoon of Electrical Corporation of America
  • Kansas City Chapter’s Michael Quarles of North Kansas City Electric
  • Iowa Chapter’s Skip Perley of Thompson Electric
  • Dakotas Chapter’s Greg Rick of Rick Electric
  • Santa Clara Valley Chapter’s Larry Beltramo of Rosendin Electric

Congratulations to the following NECAPAC raffle winners!

The winners of the Apple Airpods are:

  • Al Itamoto
  • Robert Flurer
  • Tom Morton
  • Larry Clennon
  • Steve Gianotti

The winners of the Sunglass Hut gift cards are:

  • Jerri Champlin
  • Mark Huston
  • Steve Diamond
  • Lewis Maffioli
  • Rex Ferry

The winners of the Google Smart Lights are:

  • Michael Quarles
  • Wes Anderson
  • Larry Glaenzer
  • Thomas Gray
  • Jim Engler 

Thank you all for your very generous support this week!