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Top Three 3/23/18

Mar 22, 2018

1. The House and Senate passed the NECA-supported omnibus funding bill, House amendment to the Senate amendment to H.R. 1625 - Consolidated Appropriations Act. President Trump is threatening to veto the bill because it does not include full funding for the border wall and does not address DACA recipients.

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2. After an invitation for NECA to testify before the House Small Business Committee, Mr. Bob D’Agostino of D’Agostino Electric Services, a member of the Western Pennsylvania Chapter arrived in Washington, DC earlier this week. While preparing for the hearing on “America Infrastructure and the Small Business Perspective,” the weather event in DC delayed Mr. D’Agostino’s testimony and the hearing was postponed. His testimony centered around the need for greater direct federal infrastructure spending, increased contracting reform, and the need to address the workforce shortage affecting the construction industry.

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3. The General Service Administration (GSA), the Federal government agency tasked with managing the federal government’s massive real estate and procurement portfolio, recently invited NECA to participate as the sole specialty contractor organization on a panel aimed at educating their contracting officers and other employees on best practices in the bidding process. This panel, known as reverse-training, has been shown to be an excellent way for NECA to impact GSA’s understanding of best practices. Mr. David Singleton, Vice President of Preconstruction for Singleton Electric, and member of the Washington, D.C. Chapter has been selected to participate on this panel.

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