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Balancing Robotics, Job Loss, and Workforce Needs

Nov 01, 2018

Richard Berman, president of the D.C. based public relations firm Berman and Co., recently wrote, “If the price of unskilled human labor keeps going up, entry-level workers will be the first left behind”. Smart Asset released findings from a recent study combining data from Oxford University research studies and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Based on state-by-state information about various occupations and how many people are employed in those jobs, Smart Asset estimated the probability that an automated system could replace those jobs. Fast food cooks and servers, cashiers and retail salespeople are at high risk of automation. The study concluded that ten states are most vulnerable to have workers replaced by robots (Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming.)

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A startup called NextStep Interactive is developing technology and learning systems to help workers displaced by automation. The goal is to lead these workers to learn new skills in new careers. Apprenticeship training, like that conducted by the Electrical Training Alliance for instance, will train new workers displaced by automation. Many of these workers will receive training in skills crucial for doing the anticipated job growth in the electrical industry over the next decade. Our Electrical Contractors can look to such displacement in other arenas to supply some of the labor to be trained and employed in the growing construction industry.

Watch Robots at Work Completing Human Tasks:

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Screenshot 2018-11-01 14.30.42

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