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Are You a Futurist?

Jul 19, 2018

What is a Futurist? A Futurist is not a “fortune teller”. Futurists make their predictions based on facts from observable trends in data analytics. There are only a couple of formalized study programs currently offering a degree in “futuring”. To this point, people serving in any official capacity as Futurists have had various backgrounds of academic preparation. There are some keys to succeeding as a Futurist, including being an avid reader and possessing a strong reading comprehension ability, and paying very close attention to trends in social media and data analytics. Collaboration within the electrical contractor’s organization allows the Futurist to integrate insights and constantly find ways to bring people on board with trending data that will spark new ideas and creativity by asking “If this, then what?” 

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Img from NooneeWould you wear a chair? Perhaps it would make you or your associate who serves as your “Futurist” more comfortable when you are doing all that reading and analytical review of trending data. Now you can sit anywhere, anytime, while wearing your chair! Bionic pants allow you to sit anywhere, supporting your back while you sit mid-air. Many people are either on their feet all day or they need to get out of the chair and move about to different work stations. Noonee, a Swiss company, designed the pants to promote a heathier work environment and to keep employees safe and free from nagging back injuries that occur from performing everyday tasks. So, go ahead, take a seat whenever, wherever you want as you work – perhaps while providing critical analytical data as the Futurist for your electrical contracting firm. (img source: Noonee)

Check-out this clip from TECH Insider on the "Chairless Chair":

TechInsider Sit anywhere

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