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You Can’t Spell NTI Without “I”, But It Should Be “YOU”

Jul 03, 2018

The National Training Institute (NTI) was started in 1990 and was known as the “Instructor Training Institute.” The initial purpose of the Instructor Training Institute was to professionally train instructors teaching IBEW Apprentices and Journeymen. Over the years since, it has grown and diversified, but many still consider it to be a program only for JATC Instructors.

NTI 29thWhile this year’s NTI, July 28 – August 3 at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, continues its instructor training program – the “I Group” – with professional educators from different colleges and universities throughout the United States, it offers a range of programs aimed at chapter managers, officers, committee members, and contractors. “No matter how long you’ve been in the electrical industry or what position you hold in your organization, chances are there is still something you need to learn.” (NTI Information Book – 2018)

While the core of the NTI remains apprenticeship education, including strategies and innovations in teaching, it includes information of value for the committees and leadership that direct their local apprenticeship programs as well as a great opportunity for contractors and their employees to learn new technical skills and upgrade current ones.

T Group

The “T Group” is for participants focusing on technical courses offered at the NTI. These cover many topics and are offered across different skill levels. These courses are typically taught by manufacturers or their representatives. Some will incorporate apprenticeship curriculum but most will not.

C Group

“C Group” is for JATC Committee Members, Chapter Officers, and all Training Directors. The format for “C Group” is a combination of general session presentations and small group breakout sessions where you choose your own area of interest. “SC Group” is an abbreviated part of “C Group.” This year’s “C/SC Group” program should be the most comprehensive meeting of apprenticeship and training matters ever offered. Every JATC should be represented by management and labor and no Training Director should miss NTI - particularly the “C Group” sessions.

O Group

The NTI has a special Group developed specifically for those associated with the outside line construction or utility industry. The program presentations will focus on topics that individuals working in this sector of the electrical industry will find of interest. The “O Group” is for Outside Line Contractors, Chapter Managers, Training Directors, Instructors, Program Administrators and anyone else interested in today’s Outside Industry.

The Trade Show

Saturday, July 28, features a day-long trade show (9:00 AM – 6:00 PM) along with an ongoing opportunity to meet with the electrical training ALLIANCE’s Training Partners – industry experts that provide the knowledge and solutions that help contractors stay competitive in today’s world.

You can find additional information, registration, and lodging, here. Discounted registration fees are available until July 17.


Please note: The International Champions Cup Soccer League is coming back to Ann Arbor on Saturday July 28, which is the same day as the NTI Trade Show. If you have not made hotel reservations you should do so immediately because rooms will go fast. This will impact room availability of Friday and Saturday nights.