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Drone Testing, Integration and Flying Taxis

May 10, 2018

The Integration Pilot Program (IPP) is made up of the “who’s who of technology and aviation programs”, including Uber, FedEx and Alphabet. The IPP is considered to be the most far-reaching test initiative to date for everything drones. From transporting medical equipment to controlling mosquitoes, the IPP is collecting data on all sorts of drone uses or applications. Many Electrical Contractors are deploying drones in various ways in their business operations and customer services including inspection of power lines, storm recovery, and various geological and structural surveys. In the U.S. alone, experts project the drone industry will become an $82 billion market, creating 100,000 jobs in the next ten years. Coincidentally, Uber revealed its’ flying taxi concept this week, previously featured in a conceptual video released last November. 

Watch the video of Uber flying taxis:

uber flying car
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For many people, it is hard to believe that flying cars are on the brink of literally taking-off. Hosting the Uber Elevate Summit in Los Angeles this week, Uber has no intention of building the flying taxis. Their goal is to launch a commercial service known as UberAir, beginning in 2020 in Dallas-Fort Worth and Los Angeles, with demo flights like those featured in the promo video above. With a goal of connecting pilots and passengers, Uber simply wants to be the middle man. Offering their concept vehicle, Uber hopes to attract support for production from a variety of manufacturers. It is not unreasonable to conceive a flying vehicle especially with new lightweight materials, cheaper batteries storing more energy, and distribution of electric propulsion. Over the next few years, drones will not only be surveying construction sites and delivering tools or supplies, but workers may well be delivered to and from jobsites in “UberAir” taxis.

Read Wired's unveiling of the Uber flying taxi »

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