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What’s a (Line) College Graduate To Do?

Apr 10, 2018

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Apply to an Outside Area-Wide Apprenticeship Program and start a new career. The IBEW and NECA have agreed upon a new worker classification to be called the Construction Pre-Apprentice Lineman (CPAL). An April 3 memorandum outlining the program is available for download below.

Download the Construction Pre-Apprentice Lineman (CPAL) April 25 Memo

The CPAL classification is not a permanent classification, but a recruitment tool to be used by NECA line chapters and IBEW outside local unions to help meet the growing demand for manpower.  Line college graduates do not meet our definition of journeyman, but they do have some skills that our industry can use.  We just did not have a way to effectively and efficiently bring them in.

Currently, outside AJATCs cannot explicitly recognize the skills gained at a private, unaffiliated line college. Those graduates must enter our industry through normal application and selection processes. While these graduates are not journey-level workers, they do accrue certain familiarity and skills at the line college which means they could begin productive work right away. To take advantage of this, this new classification will afford these individuals the opportunity to immediately begin work at the third six-month rate, and to enter the local apprenticeship program through direct entry after completion of 2,500 hours of work.

NECA and the IBEW believe the Construction Pre-Apprentice Lineman classification will enhance recruiting efforts for the outside industry and protect the integrity of the apprenticeship program and the journeyman lineman classification.


The VDVNA Has Been Renewed for Another Year

The Voice-Data-Video National Agreement continues to serve the VDV market effectively and the agreement seems to be meeting the needs and goals of contractors and workers.  Neither NECA nor the IBEW proposed any changes to the agreement during the notice window, and so the agreement rolled over per its evergreen clause until March 1, 2019.

image source: Camp Rilea in Warrenton, OR