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Trump Signs Resolutions Ending OSHA Record-Keeping Rule

Apr 05, 2017

Employers around the country – including electrical contractors – can no longer be cited for OSHA injury and illness record-keeping violations more than six months old as a result of a joint resolution signed by President Trump earlier in March.

Trump signed the resolution overturning the Occupational Safety and Health Administration rule enabling inspectors to cite employers for record-keeping violations up to five years old on March 3, according to news reports. Republicans in Congress had made the issue a priority this year. 

John M. Grau, CEO of the National Electrical Contractors Association, praised lawmakers for the move. He said it will lessen additional burdens on contractors and that the OSHA action did nothing to improve job site safety and created an additional administrative task employers could have been cited for in the future.

“This is an important action that shows employers that the new Trump administration is willing to address unfair regulations,” said Wes Wheeler, NECA’s Director of Safety. “It also demonstrates that the administration believes compliance assistance will benefit workers more than enforcement actions by OSHA.” 

The rule that was nixed took effect Jan. 18 as the final record-keeping regulation to be enacted by the Obama administration. It attempted to get around the six-month mandate by clarifying employers had a continuing obligation to update and maintain accurate records for over five years from the date of the initial incident.