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Trump, GOP Ride Populist Wave into History

Nov 11, 2016

A Recap of the 2016 Elections

The outcome of the 2016 November election came as a shock to the majority of Americans and the world as Donald J. Trump was elected as the nation's 45th President, defeating former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton by a projected 279-228 margin in the Electoral College. Republicans were able to keep control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives. President-Elect Trump, Speaker Paul Ryan, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are focused on uniting Americans and working together under a unified Republican government.

In the Senate:

Republicans had 24seats to defend, and many political analysts anticipated Democrats picking up at least 5 of those. However, Republicans were able to hang on to all but2, keeping the majority with 51seats.

In the House:

Democrats were able to net 6seats in the House, but Republicans maintain a strong majority. With4races left to be called, the current layout of the House for the 115th Congress has Republicans with 238seats and Democrats with 193seats.

NECA is now focused on the Lame Duck session of Congress, which begins next week, and we will be working on several key issue areas that must be addressed before the end of the year.NECA has been working with lawmakers to advocate for passage of legislation reforming the multi-employer pension system to allow for the use of Composite Plans, passage of a comprehensive energy policy bill, approval of a new Water Resources Development Act, and address some outstanding energy efficiency tax measures. Because of the party shift in the White House, NECA will be reevaluating our legislative and regulatory priorities as we plan to work with the members of the 115th Congress.


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