Protect America’s Workforce What NECA Contractors Should Do to Plan for a Shutdown

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What NECA Contractors Should Do to Plan for a Shutdown

by Jessica Cardenas | Jan 19, 2018

governmentshutdownNECA has called on Congress to make every possible effort to avoid a federal shutdown in order to prevent disruption for NECA contractors nationwide who would not be able to submit bids for federal construction projects or receive payments for contracts performed for the federal government, jeopardizing the finances of many small businesses nationwide. The White House Office of Management and Budget has compiled a list of the various contingency plans for federal agencies in the event of a possible government shutdown later this week. Many of the documents posted are dated September 2015, the latest available plans for those respective agencies. OMB notes on the page that it will be updated as more plans are posted. 

As for the average American, more than 40 percent of federal workers across the nation will now be furloughed starting immediately.  Social Security recipients will still receive benefits, mail service will continue, and taxes will still be collected. Federal buildings scattered across the nation will be closed, and in Washington, DC other federally funded attractions, including the Smithsonian museums, the National Zoo, and Civil War battlefields are now closed for business. The federal government has shut down 18 times since 1976. The last time was for 16 days in 2013, when President Obama clashed with Republicans over spending. NECA will continue to report on these developments.

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