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NECA contractors know that their employees are a key to their success. That is why our electrical contractors invest in the nation’s most comprehensive training and apprenticeship programs, compensate our skilled workforce accordingly, and provide quality health care and retirement benefits. The result is the most-skilled and most-productive electricians in the nation. 

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NECAPAC Update 11/22/17

by Jessica Cardenas | Nov 21, 2017

Congratulations Eastern Illinois Chapter and the South Florida Chapter for reaching their 2017 NECAPAC goals!

Special thanks to South Florida Chapter’s Russ Borden of Tri-City Electric for renewing his PLC membership!

Personal Contributions = 761
Corporate Contributions = 523

NECAPAC Fund to 11-22-17 = $676,920
ADMIN Fund to 11-22-17 = $112,530

Total Contributions to Date = 1,284
Total Dollars to Date = $789,450