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RILMCC’s Prevailing Wage Compliance Initiative

The Rhode Island Labor Management Cooperative Committee has contracted Torres Consulting & Law Group LLC out of Tempe, Arizona to work with the chapter to ensure union contractors get a fair shake on Davis-Bacon projects in the state. Nationally, the Department of Labor investigates less than one percent of all projects. Torre’s Prevailing Wage Compliance services ensures all contractors comply with prevailing wage laws through the process of auditing certified payrolls, submitting complaints to state and federal agencies when violations are uncovered, taking legal action when necessary and creating an overall culture of compliance.

The short term goal is to contact non-compliant contractors through letters of intent to monitor, requests for certified payrolls, and submit inquiries to the DOL. Contractors need to know we are there watching even when the DOL is not.

The long term goal is to change the behavior of non-compliant contractors through consistent and aggressive compliance of prevailing wages; create a culture of compliance due to penalties, back pay and debarments.

If you believe you have lost a bid or are going to lose a bid to a non-signatory contractor due to their misclassification of employees, underpayments or violation of apprentice ratios please submit this form to the NECA office as soon as possible so we can ensure only the most reputable contractors work in our state. This initiative will be ongoing and all submissions will remain anonymous. Please take some time to look over the form, submit when applicable and help win back prevailing wage projects in Rhode Island.

Download TCLG Case Authorization Form