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2020 National Training Institute (NTI) (Canceled)

07/ 25 - 31 /2020

  • Phone: 301-715-2300

Unfortunately, the 2020 NTI has been canceled.

This calendar will be updated with next year's dates as soon as they are available.

July 25 to July 31, 2020

University of Michigan–Ann Arbor, MI

National Training Institute (NTI) is an annual event that offers a variety of educational and training opportunities to meet the rapidly changing demands of the electrical industry.

The NTI is divided into several different functions, all taking place simultaneously: Professional Education Classes ("I Group"); Technical Training Classes ("T Group"); Outstanding Apprentice Graduate Program ("A Group"); a special series of seminars for JATC members, training directors, business managers, and electrical contractors ("C Group" and "SC Group"), and a special series of seminars for the Outside Industry ("O Group") that take place throughout the week at different locations on the campus.