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Correlating New Jobs and Making the World a Better Place to Live

Posted on Oct 11, 2018 by

The Bureau of Labor Statistics updated the list of fastest growing occupations in April 2018. The two top or fastest growing jobs over the next eight years are Solar Installers (up 105%) and Wind Turbine Technicians (up 96%), with median salaries currently ranging from $39K - $54K respectively. Harvard University researchers Lee Miller and David Keith have attempted to project wind power’s effects on the environment (“Wind Power Makes the Ground Warmer Even as It Cools the Planet”, Scott Johnson, 10/07/18).

While warming caused by greenhouse gases continually accumulates and lasts for centuries, wind turbines can actually alter local temperatures by increasing the mixing of air at ground level. By contrast, the local effect of a wind turbine ceases, stops, ends when you turn it off. Research shows that solar farms cause even less (one-tenth of wind) increase in ground temperatures.

See video of wind turbines and the worker who built them: 

wind turbine tech
This new research simulates that with our grid powered solely by wind turbines, the continental U.S. would experience a gain of 0.2 degrees Celsius warmer temperatures by 2080. Miller and Keith’s research didn’t even factor out ocean acidification or pollutants caused by energy production powered by fossil fuels. Read the Bureau of Labor Statistics 20 fastest growing jobs » 

Electrical Contractors will create more jobs through expanding wind and solar power. Beyond the construction of solar and wind farms, long-term maintenance jobs will be created. In the process of creating new jobs and careers in the energy industry, these technologies could truly preserve the planet for generations to come. View Harvard's wind power research on reversing global warming »

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