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Industry Leaders Gather for Business Development Meeting at NECA 2017 Seattle

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37338003700_2045b96b98_zOtto Kirchheiner, Vice President of Miami-based Tri-City Electric Co., talked about the importance of relationships at the Business Development Seminar during NECA 2017 Seattle on Saturday.

In fact, it’s what led his company to being a part of the $500 million renovation of the Miami Dolphins’ Hard Rock Stadium, which was recently completed after three phases.

The electrical and system installation won Tri-City Electric a NECA Project Excellence Award in the first year of the program. It had been in the works for five or six years.

As part of the project, a new roof canopy will cover 90 percent of fans. The project included the demolition and installation of electric systems as well as putting in place 480-ton queen trusses. Suites were also renovated and new UL fire alarm system was installed, among other changes.

“Building and maintaining relationships is so important in business,” said Kirchheiner, emphasizing the work that has to be in the early stages. “It's all about that. You have to do it more and more.”

Later, Troy Harms of Acuity Brands/Holophane led an engaging discussion about smart cities and the Internet of Things (IoT). Harms is the Vice President of Infrastructure Sales with the company.

Harms said it starts with LED lighting which reduces energy costs up to 60 percent and maintenance costs by 50 percent.

Regarding smart cities, he noted that by 2020, there could be more than 50 billion devices and 7 billion people connected. That will leverage technology, data, and applications such as parking and electric car charging.

“It’s better for commerce and safety and improves city services,” he said, highlighting the importance of going with leading-edge technology and using capable partners. 

Finally, the meeting featured an ECAP panel discussion led by Ramsay Stevens, who administers the platform. NECA’s ECAP is the Energy Conservation and Performance Platform.

”Projects that make good financial sense make good business development sense,” Stevens said.

Participants included Dave Ingram of DLL on lease financing; Genevieve Rose Sherman of Greenworks Lending on PACE financing, a government financing policy that classifies energy saving upgrades as a public benefit; and Patrick O’Neill of Joule Smart on performance-based financing.

“With each of these firms, ECAP can finance over 90 percent of all creditworthy projects,” added Mir Mustafa, NECA’s Executive Director of Business Development.

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