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Posted on Apr 18, 2011 by John M Grau

Forgive me (pun intended) for the title, but I love the apps on my Smartphone.

I have a Droid phone that features some of the Google-based apps. I especially like the GPS-type ones that are great when I travel. I can find restaurants, coffee shops, ATM machines, gas stations, motels and more with a click of a button. Google Goggles is pretty cool, too. I take a picture of the front of a restaurant, and then its menu, rating, and reservation number will appear.

Of course, I have a few games like Angry Bird. I also admit that I check news headlines and sports scores while sitting in the audience at meetings. (But never when Rex Ferry is speaking.)

I wondered what kind of apps we might develop for NECA, and I posed that question to our staff in an e-mail. The responses shot back to me immediately. Apparently, they had been thinking about the subject for a while as well.

Here are some ideas:

- Mobile viewer for
- Portal for members, the “NECA” app – a one click source of all things NECA: Receive news, update membership profile, subscribe, purchase pubs, view calendar and register for meetings. It would be a fully customizable app for the membership.
- EEM, on-site “green” job estimates
- eSafetyLine
- MLU, on-site estimating tool
- Take-Action app, receive text alerts and click-to-send Congress/Senate letters on behalf of NECA’s issues
- Marketing tool app, easy resource for chapter managers/field staff. This would have updated NECA marketing materials that they could display on an iPad or phone when trying to recruit potential members.
- ECMag app – similar to NYTimes or Wall Street Journal app to view latest headlines, have text alerts when a topic of interest is referenced.
- Find a Contractor app – basically a mobile version of

Mike Thompson thinks that contractors might like an app that alerts them whenever one of their trucks pulls into a Hooters parking lot. I believe they make tracking ones like that for teenagers.

At any rate, I think it’s time we figured out how to develop some NECA apps. Let me know what your favorite apps are and if you have any suggested app solutions.

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