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Holiday Wish List - 2009

Posted on Dec 21, 2009 by John M Grau

As we are in the midst of celebrating the holiday season, I once again asked NECA staff what they are wishing for this year. Here are some of the responses:

Always the optimist, Southern Region Executive Director David Roberts wants roller skates for his staff so they can keep up with our members as they accelerate their businesses during 2010. I wonder what the field reps think of that.

Midwest Region Executive Director Drew Gibson wants a commitment by local unions and chapters to succeed in market recovery expansion by cutting costs, improving profitability, and retooling training for emerging markets. Drew also hopes for continued global warming to ease the burden of Midwest blizzards. The Midwest reps will get ice skates instead of roller skates.

Convention Director Beth Ellis naturally wants a good turnout for the NECA 2010 Convention in Boston. She would also like something in a little blue box (Tiffany’s) and an additional staff person for help. My wife asks for the same things.

Public Relations Director Beth Margulies wants to see NECA members take advantage of the business opportunities that social media offer. Beth has been active in getting NECA involved in Facebook, Twitter and the like. Lets all give a tweet in 2010.

Marketing Executive Director Rob Colgan is hoping for a “sustainable” recovery. He’s pushing NECA members to explore new market opportunities in energy efficiency and renewable energy production.

Greg Mankevich, executive director of the Management Education Institute, put in a shameful plug for his latest MEI offerings such as “Adapt or Perish,” “The New Business Model of Construction Contracting,” “Business Development for the Design-Build Market,” and “Understanding Net-Metering, Distributed Generation, and the Energy Policy Act and its Impact on the Electrical Contracting Industry.”

Safety Director Jerry Rivera is hoping for a zero accidents for our workforce in 2010. Jerry is our designated driver at office parties.

Mike Thompson, NECA secretary-treasurer, had a rough year revising the NECA budget downward more than once. His fervent wish is that we have only one budget in 2010.

As for me, I’m hoping that we all take advantage of the many opportunities coming our way in the year ahead.

Now I’m off to Tiffany’s to see if I can buy just a blue box for a bracelet that I bought at Costco.

Happy Holidays! 
Merry Christmas! 
The Best of New Years!

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