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Two Jerry's, One Eulogy

Posted on Feb 26, 2009 by John M Grau

The electrical contracting industry lost two stalwarts in the past couple weeks — Jerry Nixon and Jerry Hill. At first you wouldn’t think they were anything like each other, but upon reflection they were quite alike.

They were both Midwesterners — Jerry Nixon from Chicago and Jerry Hill from Madison, Wisconsin.

Both stood out at industry gatherings. Jerry Nixon was always well dressed and sported a bold, often amusing necktie. Jerry Hill always wore a bright red University of Wisconsin blazer.

Both were extremely passionate about whatever they did. Whether at work or play, they lived life to the fullest on their terms. 

Neither man was shy. They both told you exactly what they thought, and they often wore their heart on their sleeve.

Both loved the electrical industry. When asked for support, they each eagerly stepped forward and gave freely of their time and money. They were leaders in everything they did.

Their industry loved them back, and each had a number of awards and accolades to prove it. In fact, both earned the Comstock Award, twenty years apart; Jerry Hill in 1988 and Jerry Nixon in 2008.

While each of these gentlemen was a unique individual, they also fit the mold of many NECA contractors. They were among the best of their peers. I’ll miss them, and so will the electrical contracting industry.


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