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New Year

Posted on Jan 05, 2009 by John M Grau

On December 31, an inside section of the Wall Street Journal was headlined “How to Fix Your Life in 2009.” I was enticed so I took a glance at the article but didn’t find much useful advice. “Consider giving some of your beaten down stocks to your kids.” “Take advantage of coupons at the grocery store” “Have the shoe repair store shorten your four-inch stiletto heals.” (The article was written by someone named Sarah).

I decided to ask some of the senior staff at NECA what resolutions they were making for the New Year.

Eastern Region Executive Director Rich Parenti has resolved to spend more quality time with his family and to be more tolerant of others’ views as well as being a better listener. I have a feeling those are all related somehow.

Southern Region Executive Director David Roberts has resolved to transfer all seriously controversial phone calls to my office. (In turn, I have resolved to reconsider David’s pay raise). David also resolved to do his part to increase NECA membership — thereby partially offsetting the first ill-advised resolution.

Always an optimist and in fundraising mode, Electri International President Russ Alessi plans to increase foundation support through contributions and planned gifts. Russ sees the foundation as a shelter in the economic storm.

Government Affairs Executive Director Lake Coulson has resolved to fight any unreasonable regulations against electrical contractors coming from the new administration. Lake also plans to complete a marathon in under 4 hours.

Midwest Regional Executive Director Drew Gibson is committed to help NECA members navigate rough economic waters. He resolved to address problems head-on and build a positive, can-do attitude among chapters, national staff, and leadership.

Rob Colgan, Executive Director of Marketing, plans to promote NECA contractors’ expertise in energy efficiency, energy conservation, and alternative energy resources. Rob also vowed to never eat at buffets or drink beer from a bottle with a screw-off cap.

Dan Walter, NECA VP and COO, has vowed to make the new NECA sponsorship program a success, thereby helping to strengthen NECA finances. Dan also wants to lower his golf handicap but admits that’s more of a wish than a resolution.

Western Region Executive Director Bill Kuhr has resolved to concentrate on the facilitation of “follow through” by the members of NECA, his staff and their IBEW counterparts towards the accomplishment of the goals and objectives set by our membership through the utilization of strategies and tactics already developed but yet to be completely implemented. (I'm going to hold him to that one, assuming I figure out what it means.)

And you would expect the Management Education Institute (MEI) guy to have some nice pithy sayings. Greg Mankevich says: “It is nice to be important, but more important to be nice” and “None of us is as important as all of us”. I guess he’s resolving to be humble and nice.

As for me, I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. For some reason my wife always encourages me to do so. I wonder why?

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