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Meet Drew Gibson

Posted on Sep 09, 2008 by John M Grau

Drew Gibson is NECA’s Executive Director for the Midwestern Region. His career has been intertwined with mine for more than 30 years.

Drew joined NECA’s chapter manager training program in 1973, and the following year he took a position as assistant manager of the Milwaukee Chapter. In 1976, he was hired as manager of the Central New York Chapter in Syracuse. Yours truly was hired to replace Drew as assistant manager in Milwaukee. Nine years later, when I moved to the national organization, the board of the Milwaukee Chapter asked Drew to come back as their chapter manager, replacing me. He spent the next 16 years with that chapter until I asked him to come on board as the Midwestern Region Executive Director in 2001.

So Drew and I have been following each other around in NECA for a long time, and I can’t think of a better guy to know and work with. Drew is rock steady, dedicated, and savvy. His analytical approach to problems allows him to see all sides of an issue from which he develops logical and unique solutions. His dry sense of humor diffuses tense situations. His calm demeanor doesn’t mask his passion for NECA and its mission.

Drew is a native of Batavia, New York. He served for four years in the Air Force and earned both an undergraduate degree and an MBA from American University. His major was Labor Relations.

Drew has been married to Paula Gibson for 38 years. She earned her PhD in Psychology not too many years ago and is a licensed psychologist in Wisconsin. The Gibsons have two sons. Patrick is a graphic designer at the Wall Street Journal and Benjamin is an art director at a publishing company. They both live in Brooklyn and work in Manhattan.

I don’t know if Drew has another career move in mind, but if he does I have a feeling it will impact me somehow as well.

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