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Mark Ayers Moving to BCTD

Posted on Sep 07, 2007 by John M Grau

I just learned that Mark Ayers, Director of the Construction and Maintenance Department of the IBEW, has been elected as the next President of the Building and Construction Trades Department (BCTD) of the AFL-CIO. We worked closely with Mark on most NECA-IBEW matters, so his move to the BCTD is a big deal for us.

Mark has been a hard-driving force in promoting the NECA-IBEW partnership. In the past few years, he has transformed the annual IBEW Construction Department conference (the IBEW’s biggest meeting next to its five-year convention) into a major event dedicated to advancing the positive benefits of our partnership. Mark is one of the hardest-working individuals I know. He is constantly seeking out innovative ways to communicate and to reach out to the owner community. The cutting edge websites and were created at Mark’s urging and under his guidance.

While I am happy that Mark has been elevated to an important position in the labor movement, I am sad to be losing such a solid working partner at the IBEW. I am certain that the IBEW’s International Office will appoint a successor to Mark who will rise to the occasion and continue in his progressive tradition.

To experience some of Mark’s creative work, check out the current edition of The new segment on training in our industry is especially good.

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