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Meet Dan Walter

Posted on Aug 27, 2007 by John M Grau

Some of my blog posts that seem to get the most attention don’t actually have much to do with me – they’re the ones where I introduce key NECA national staff. So to continue that practice, I’d like to tell you about Dan Walter.

Dan’s title is Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, and in terms of dollars spent, he oversees nearly 60 percent of NECA’s operations. He is responsible for many of NECA’s programs, including government affairs, codes, standards, safety, marketing, public relations, communications, ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine, and all of NECA’s websites, plus our annual convention, exposition, and meetings. That’s a lot for one person, but he gets help from a talented staff of 25.

Dan may not always be visible as a speaker at our meetings, but he is well known as the face of NECA with our sister associations in Washington, D.C. He regularly meets with other industry leaders at the national offices for AGC, AIA, SMACNA, and MCAA. In addition, Dan has served as president of the Associated Specialty Contractors (ASC) for over 20 years.

An important project that Dan is currently spearheading for NECA is enriching the information in our member database to meet the ultimate goal of customizing NECA national communications for each of our members. Dan is also working to make the abundant information NECA produces more relevant, accessible, and easier to find. These are ambitious projects, and they require someone who can both see the big picture and the small details, something Dan excels in.

Dan brings a wealth of experience to his position. He started his career with NECA in 1975 as a staff associate assigned to the Midwestern Region. He spent 10 years as manager of the Quad Cities Chapter, NECA, before coming to NECA headquarters to replace the venerable Bob Wilkinson as Director of Services.

A business school graduate of Penn State University, Dan attends most of his alma mater’s home football games. Dan’s wife, Doris, is enjoying her latest career as a water aerobics instructor. Their daughter Deena lives with her husband in Virginia, and son Danny and his wife are in California. Dan and Doris will celebrate their 38th wedding anniversary this year, and Dan recently pulled off a surprise birthday party for Doris, much to the amazement of their family and friends. Everyone was sure Doris would figure out what was going on!

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