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More Member Thoughts on Code of Excellence

Posted on Aug 07, 2007 by John M Grau

In the next few weeks, all IBEW-signatory electrical contractors in the U.S. and Canada will receive a DVD about the Code of Excellence. Primarily directed towards local union members, the DVD will describe the history and purpose of the Code of Excellence and how members can implement it on the local level. 

Considering the continued interest from many NECA contractors on this topic, I wanted to post another comment about the Code of Excellence that I recently received. This one from Joel Moryn of Parsons Electric LLC, headquartered in Minneapolis.

John, I appreciate your response to the Code of Excellence commentary. I have some similar rumblings from people that have not tried the concepts out. We have provided the training to our project managers and 292 electricians on a voluntary basis. Almost all of them have volunteered to take the training. Once done I have not heard one negative comment about the eight hours invested being anything but great.

Many say it should be common sense but quickly add, but it isn't. To me the Code of Excellence is about setting a standard of what it means to be a "professional." It says to the customer [that] we have adopted a philosophy that is shared by us all (labor and management) [and] that we will not tolerate anyone that does not meet our standards of excellence. Other electricians who are not IBEW may accept something less, but we won't. It also says internally between our labor partners that if you are one of our members of the IBEW we can no longer allow anyone that does not accept that standard to work in this industry.

We all have a fair chance to buy into this standard, and a majority of us have practiced it their entire careers, but let's all unite around articulating for our customers what that standard is (or has always been.) Another way of rolling out this program may be what we have done with our customers: "This has always been the standard of performance for our employees and for you, our customers. We have just recently articulated this standard so you can be assured of what it is and judge for yourself if you have ever seen less from us." Nowhere does it say we just started doing this.

We are grateful in Minneapolis for the cooperation received by IBEW District 7 in providing training information and all of the assistance we could hope for to launch what I personally believe is the best program launched in my 25 year career. Thanks for your leadership.

Best Regards,

Joel Moryn, P.E.

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